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Basic Typography

Book Design

Non-commercial Work


This book was created following the retirement of Professor Taro Yamamoto, who taught Basic Typography in the Department of Visual Communication Design at Musashino Art University. The first half of the book covers the course content, while the latter half compiles essays by the students. Much deliberation went into deciding its format. The format and layout reference Jan Tschichold’s page proportions, adopting a modified A4 size of 21:34. The layout, while incorporating traditional elements, also includes an expanded grid system to manage a large number of figures. Additionally, various design elements were sampled from the books reviewed during the course, including folios and the wording on the last page.

  • Client

    Non-commercial Work

  • Year


  • Size


  • Typefaces

    Sabon Next, Univers 55, ,

  • Book Design

    Shunsuke Kudo

  • Written By

    Haruka Kamagata, Masaya Kutsuzawa,
    Sae Yamada, Shunsuke Kudo, Tamaki Tomioka

  • Editing

    Haruka Kamagata

  • Paper

    b7, NT, ,