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第2回研究発表会 R/EVOLVE

Visual Identity

Musashino Art University Electronic Music Society


The theme, R/EVOLVE, is a coined term combining REVOLVE and EVOLVE. The stage was placed in the center of the venue to allow for a 360-degree view from anywhere, so the visuals were also designed to suit this concept. Like the visuals for PROGRESS...? #03, it was decided to adopt a very simple formative approach. A radial pattern is created by repeating the same shape around a single axis. The duplicated shapes remain identical even when transformed, allowing for a dynamic visual movement with slight curves and point changes. Considering the theme of evolution, a color scheme was chosen to give visual strength. The motion graphics were by sakamichi. Although not realized in the actual event, the generative graphic system by Tsunoda Hajime also suggested the interesting aspect of building a more flexible &; strong visual identity.