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Swimming in Massive Data

Book Design

Tsunoda Hajime


Catalogue made for Hajime Tsunoda’s degree project. The first half of the book is a thesis on the project and the other half is a collection of photographs of the production process. The design of the book reflects the idea of an interface that leads users to unknown information. My aim was to create an ‘object’ that is linked to the interface.
On the front cover, we placed an operation screen showing the state taken from the most distant viewpoint, and on the endleaves I placed the state at the point of entry into the more inward-looking state. The sequence created a sense of entering a vast sea of data by turning the cover.
Scales are referenced from the UI at the fore edge of the book and on the bottom. The lines are aligned with the line height and letter spacing, which represents typesettings of this book. Both English and Japanese Titles are set mono-spaced, a stoicism similar to that of source code, but the playful layouts brings a sense of movement as if swimming between information.

  • Client

    Tsunoda Hajime

  • Year


  • Size

    182mm257mm (B5)

  • Typefaces

    , Andale Mono

  • Book Design & Typesetting

    Shunsuke Kudo

  • Photography

    Ririka Kawano (Phase 4), Shunsuke Kudo (Backyard)

  • Interface Design

    Tsunoda Hajime

  • Swimming in Massive Data


  • Paper

    , , OK, OK70

  • Printing

    Sekaido Musashino Art University Shop Kodaira,
    Akihabara Seisakujo