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Visual Identity, Exhibition

Musashino Art University


Since it was an exhibition of class assignments, I designed it by listing the class name, assignment name, and exhibition venue. Each column can be cut out and also functions as a wayfinding system for each venue. With a yellow background and characters in a just black colour, it had a neutral, functional demeanor like that of public transportation signage. It was an attempt to implement functionality as a platform that compiles a wide variety of exhibition works, with searchability like a book’s table of contents, into exhibition’s visual identity.

  • Client

    Musashino Art University

  • Year


  • Size

    1030mm1456mm (B0), 728mm1030mm (B1), A4

  • Typefaces

    , NPG,
    Akzidenz Grotesk

  • Graphic Design, Typesetting

    Shunsuke Kudo

  • Design Adviser

    Prof. Yoshihisa Shirai

  • Project Management

    Haruka Kamagata

  • Special thanks to

    Aoi Hodono, Yuka Sawa, Kai Hayashi, Haruka Imai, Yugo Kato, Itsuki Sawada, Asumi Tanaka, Moeko Yano, Yui Sato, Nanaka Yarimizu, Rei Yajima, Kana Kurimoto, Koh Kiho

  • Photography

    Shunsuke Kudo (1-3, 6),
    Haruka Kamagata (4, 5)